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ErvCo Enterprise Inc. 


Terms and Conditions


The reservation process begins with an initial quote based on information provided by our customer, acceptance of said quote, and the issuance of a contractual agreement from ErvCo to our customer.  Our customer must return the contract to ErvCo signed along with the designated deposit amount specified in the contractual agreement.   Your reservation is confirmed with the receipt of your deposit.


ErvCo must be notified of any cancellations 14 days prior to the date of departure.  Failure to notify ErvCo within the specified time will result in a forfeit of your deposit.  Please note:  If you have reserved multiple coaches, you are responsible for notifying ErvCo in the same timely manner if it is deemed that you need fewer coaches than originally reserved.

Entertainment Equipment 

ErvCo coaches are equipped with CD players, DVD players, microphones, and other conveniences provided to add to the comforts of your travels.  However, these comforts are complimentary.  In the event of malfunction to any of these added comforts, ErvCo’s drivers and staff will act swiftly and efficiently to resolve the existing issues if possible.  Malfunctions to these added conveniences have no bearing on the outcome of your transportation to and from your destination.  Therefore, there is no financial liability on behalf of ErvCo Enterprise.

Alcohol Policy 

Our customers who chose to have ANY alcohol aboard our motor coaches are required to notify us within the initial stages of the reservation process or as soon as they become aware of the desire to do so.  There is a $250.00 refundable clean-up deposit required.  This amount would be included in the total cost of the trip.  But, the deposit can be refunded after the completion of the charter if there is no damage to our coach and our customers remove all trash, debris, and remains.


ErvCo reserves the right to subcontract any charter based on our judgment regarding what is in the best interest of ErvCo and our customers.


Out of town charters are required to submit a tentative itinerary during the initial stages of reservation.  The original quote is based upon that itinerary.  An accurate itinerary is required two weeks prior to the date of charter.  Additions and/or any major changes to the itinerary could affect the original quote.  During the charter, any additions and/or major changes to the itinerary must be approved by ErvCo’s office personnel.


In the event of an emergency, such as a breakdown, flat tire, or illness to a passenger aboard the coach, ErvCo will take prompt action to determine what the best options are to ensure your travels are interrupted as little as possible.  Any arrangements will be made by ErvCo staff.  Financial arrangements cannot be made by customers on ErvCo’s behalf. 

Hotel Accommodations 

Groups chartering coaches for out of town charters for multiple days that require hotel stay are required to provide hotel accommodations for the driver(s).  Each driver must have a bed to themselves.  Cots and couches are not acceptable.  The driver(s) should never be expected to share rooms with the passengers.


ErvCo is in compliance with the insurance requirements necessary to be among the list of motor coach carriers authorized to carry Chicago Public School students.

Tolls and Parking

Toll fees encountered during a charter are included in the cost of the charter.  Parking fees are NOT included in the price.  When making hotel reservations, group leaders should inquire about motor coach parking availability and if parking fees apply.


Smoking, dairy products, red or blue slushy refreshments, or anything else that could potentially cause stains to the coach seats and/or floor or uncomfortable long lasting odors are strictly prohibited aboard ErvCo motor coaches.  Pets are never allowed aboard an ErvCo motor coach. Any passenger(s) who violates ErvCo's listed restrictions aboard the coach will be subject to removal from the coach according to the laws determined by the United States Department of Transportation.

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